„Lightstorm“ is a kinetic light art installation built 2016 at Linz Art University. Its thousands of precisely controlled LEDs combined with high velocities make room for immersive possibilities of sound and vision. As its first public display it was shown as an installation reflecting the rush in our new digital existence. Visitors had the possibility to stand in its center surrounded by animations drawn in the air or to have a look at the installation from the outside. Later the creators (Gregor Woschitz, Katharina Gruber, and Laurin Döpfner) realized a visual show for the german Duo Funkstörung and played shows at festivals including Ars Electronica Festival, Linz and 21rpm, London. Additionally, the artists developed an audio-visual performance where they are sitting in the center of the installation surrounded by realtime generated images and sounds.


Laurin Döpfner, born in 1987 in Eschenau/Austria, always had a big interest in music, photographs and electronics, so he joined Linz Art University for BA timebased and interactive media. Most of the time, he is working with video, audio and electronics. He was part of many filmfestivals und exhibitions: Crossing Europe AUSTRIA, Piano Festival IRELAND, Equinox Vigil CANADA, Scinema AUSTRALIA, Spacesgallery USA, 21rpm festival GREAT BRITAIN, Ars Electronica Center AUSTRIA. With „Lightstorm“ he made a new experience in visualization and installations.

Born in 1989 Gregor Woschitz is an interdisciplinary artist who works with wide range of media and studies at the Art University Linz in the Interface Cultures department where he is currently writing on his master thesis on creative and critical machines. He exhibited and performed at various international festivals, exhibtions and museums including Ars Electronica, NODE-Forum, mudac, 21rpm and TADAEX festival.

Katharina Gruber, born 1990 in Vienna/AT, studied timebased and interactive media at Linz Art University. With the background as a developer she found her new home in media and interactive art. Next to exhibiting installations at Ars Electronica Center in Linz or Metrokino in Vienna, she started working on generative sound and visuals. She currently works and live in Vienna.